Civil Appeals and Writs

Civil Appeals and Writs

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An appeal often involves unique procedural and substantive issues. You must be confident that your attorneys are not only capable of handling the case, but aware of the larger impact the case may have on your particular industry.

The attorneys of Cole Pedroza are appellate specialists. With years of experience addressing issues of first impression, defending favorable precedent, and challenging unfavorable decisions, we have proven ourselves as the attorneys of choice for the most challenging cases.

We have successfully handled literally hundreds of appeals and writ proceedings in California. With over sixty-five published decisions, and countless unpublished decisions, the attorneys of Cole Pedroza have made their mark on the law in California.

While the predominant work of Cole Pedroza has been in the health care and insurance industries, we handle appeals in a wide array of civil matters, ranging from personal injury to employment litigation, and from mandamus proceedings to commercial litigation.

Our appellate advice and counseling is not limited to post-judgment matters. For years the attorneys of Cole Pedroza have been consulted prior to trial. Whether your case involves a high-risk exposure, an issue of first impression, a difficult procedural, evidentiary or substantive law issue, we are prepared to help you preserve the appellate record for an appeal.
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